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Stone processing  is one of the earliest expressions of man !

The history of stone and granite is almost as old as the history of Civilization itself. Hindu mythology illustrates Vishwakarma as the God of  Creation whose fourth son Shilpi worked in stone. Sacred Hindu texts Mayamatha and Shilpashastra even lay down the essential guidelines on measurements, techniques and requirements concerning quality, color, texture & maturity. Interestingly, even the gender of stone can be ascertained by its tonal quality.

"I do nothing. I only refine and polish the art which has been kept by nature for million years."

Michelangelo Buonarroti

KGPL shares this unique tradition and presents you with some of the finest products in Indian stones. These handpicked products not only represent a rich heritage of stone processing but also integrate with them the modern product quality norms of manufacturing precision and quality control.


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